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Adult Finals at the SGAA
April 29–May 1, 2022
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Saturday, April 30, 2022
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
1Club9:00 AM Yacht Club   Hendersonville Hatricks Blue
2Club9:00 AM Konnix Scenic City Snipers   Rinkster Energy White
3Club9:40 AM  Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   Rink Rat Energy Blue
4Bronze Tier 19:40 AM XXl   PTC White
5Bronze Tier 110:20 AM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   KSU Roller Hockey Blue
6Club10:20 AM Vortex   Hendersonville Hatricks White
7Club11:00 AM Rink Rat Energy   Konnix Scenic City Snipers Blue
8Club11:00 AM Rinkster Energy   Yacht Club White
9Bronze Tier 111:40 AM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   PTC Blue
10Bronze Tier 111:40 AM KSU Roller Hockey   XXl White
11Gold12:20 PM The Birds   Gladiators Blue
12Gold12:20 PM Asheville Aces   Lizard Kings White
13Bronze Tier 11:00 PM KSU Roller Hockey   PTC Blue
14Bronze Tier 11:00 PM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   XXl White
15Club1:40 PM Vortex   Konnix Scenic City Snipers Blue
16Club1:40 PM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   Yacht Club White
17Gold2:20 PM Asheville Aces   Gladiators Blue
18Gold2:20 PM Lizard Kings   The Birds White
19Club3:00 PM Hendersonville Hatricks   Rinkster Energy Blue
20Bronze Tier 23:00 PM Mavin Voodoos   UTC Mocs White
21Bronze Tier 23:40 PM 912 Red   Biscuit Puff Puff Passers Blue
22Bronze Tier 23:40 PM KSU Roller Hockey   STD White
23Bronze Tier 24:20 PM 912 White   Yacht Club Blue
24Gold4:20 PM Asheville Aces   The Birds White
25Silver5:00 PM Konnix Scenic City Snipers   Raleigh Rebels Blue
26Silver5:00 PM Atlanta Swarm   GA Rollerbees White
27Silver5:40 PM Asheville Aces   QC Crown Blue
28Bronze Tier 25:40 PM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   Mavin Voodoos White
29Bronze Tier 26:20 PM 912 Red   UTC Mocs Blue
30Bronze Tier 26:20 PM STD   Yacht Club White
31Bronze Tier 27:00 PM 912 White   KSU Roller Hockey Blue
32Silver7:00 PM Snipe Show   GA Rollerbees White
33Silver7:40 PM QC Crown   Raleigh Rebels Blue
34Silver7:40 PM Atlanta Swarm   Asheville Aces White
35Bronze Tier 28:20 PM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   Yacht Club Blue
36Bronze Tier 28:20 PM Mavin Voodoos   KSU Roller Hockey White
37Bronze Tier 29:00 PM 912 White   UTC Mocs Blue
38Bronze Tier 29:00 PM 912 Red   STD White
39Silver9:40 PM Konnix Scenic City Snipers   GA Rollerbees Blue
40Silver9:40 PM Snipe Show   Atlanta Swarm White
Sunday, May 1, 2022
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
41Club8:30 AM Hendersonville Hatricks   Rink Rat Energy White
42Club8:30 AM Biscuit Puff Puff Passers   Vortex Blue
43Bronze Tier 2 Qu9:10 AM 912 Red   KSU Roller Hockey White
44Bronze Tier 2 Qu9:10 AM Yacht Club   STD Blue
45Bronze Tier 2 Qu9:50 AM UT Mocs   Mavin Voodoos White
46Bronze Tier 2 Qu9:50 AM 912 White   Biscuit Puff Puff Passers Blue
47Silver10:30 AM Raleigh Rebels   Asheville Aces White
48Silver10:30 AM Konnix Scenic City Snipers   Snipe Show Blue
49Silver11:10 AM Atlanta Swarm   QC Crown White
50Club Qu11:10 AM #2 Seed   #7 Seed Blue
51Club Qu11:50 AM #3 Seed   #6 Seed White
52Club Qu11:50 AM #4 Seed   #5 Seed Blue
53Bronze Tier 1 Semi12:30 PM #2 Seed   #3 Seed White
54Silver Qu12:30 PM #3 Seed   #6 Seed Blue
55Gold1:10 PM Lizard Kings   Gladiators White
56Silver Qu1:10 PM #2 Seed   #7 Seed Blue
57Silver Qu1:50 PM #4 Seed   PTC White
58Bronze Tier 2 Semi1:50 PM     Blue
59Bronze Tier 2 Semi2:30 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining White
60Gold Qu2:30 PM #4 Seed   Snipe Show Blue
61Club Semi3:10 PM     White
62Gold Semi3:10 PM #2 Seed   #3 Seed Blue
63God Semi3:50 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining White
64Club Semi3:50 PM 2nd Lowest Seed Rem   3rd Lowest Seed Rem Blue
65Silver Semi4:30 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining White
66Silver Semi4:30 PM 2nd Lowest Seed Rem   3rd Lowest Seed Rem Blue
67Gold Final5:10 PM Highest Remaining Seed   Lowest Remaining Seed White
68Bronze Tier 1 Final5:10 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining Blue
69Bronze Tier 2 Final5:50 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining Blue
70Silver Final6:30 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining Blue
71Club Final7:10 PM Highest Seed Remaining   Lowest Seed Remaining Blue
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