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Schedules & Results
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2nd Annual ECHO Winter Classic at HotShots (42 games)Mount Pleasant, PA12/28/2012
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Weekend Invitational (41 games)Snellville, GA1/19/2013
Stuart YMCA (14 games)unknown, unknown3/9/2013
Peach Tree City (36 games)Peachtree City, GA3/15/2013
Supergoose Qualifier in Savannah, GA (54 games)unknown, unknown3/22/2013
Hendesonville/Lavergne Tournament at Veteran's Park (29 games)Hendersonville, TN4/5/2013
Shooters Indoor (45 games)Midlothian, VA4/12/2013
Travel Lite/B Level Qualifier at the SGAA-18U and Adult Divisions (33 games)Snellville, GA4/26/2013
Traditional Travel Qualifier at The SGAA (67 games)Snellville, GA5/3/2013
ECHO Qualifier at Robert Morris University (41 games)Pittsburgh, PA5/17/2013
The Skatium in Ft. Myers, Fl (45 games)Ft. Myers, FL5/31/2013
ECHO Nationals 12U-16U Divisions (87 games)Charlotte, NC6/12/2013
ECHO Nationals 6U, 8U, 10U and Adults (85 games)Charlotte, NC6/14/2013
Travel Lite/B Level Nationals/Street Hockey Nationals (16 games)Snellville, GA6/27/2013
Murrysville Sport Zone Arena-ECHO (13 games)unknown, unknown9/6/2013
ECHO Fall Classic 16U-Adults (31 games)Ft. Myers, FL10/4/2013
ECHO Fall Classic 8U-14U (23 games)Ft. Myers, FL10/11/2013
Elementary School League (74 games)Raleigh, NC10/29/2013
ECHO Tournament at The SGAA (17 games)Snellville, GA12/7/2013
3rd Annual Winter Classic (56 games)Mount Pleasant, PA12/28/2013
ECHO/AAU MLK Holiday Weekend Tournament (27 games)Snellville, GA1/17/2014
Winchester, VA Regional Qualifier (44 games)Winchester, VA3/8/2014
PTC Kedron Park ECHO Qualifier (52 games)Peachtree City, GA3/21/2014
Adult Tournament at the SGAA (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA3/22/2014
9U League/Insruction at jellybeans of Cary (10 games)Raleigh, NC3/27/2014
ECHO 18U and Adult Invitational at The Skatium (16 games)Ft. Myers, FL3/28/2014
BladeRunners ECHO Qualifier (66 games)unknown, unknown4/4/2014
ECHO Qualifier at HotShots (10 games)Mount Pleasant, PA4/5/2014
Sports Plus ECHO Qualifier in Cincinnati, OH (Schedule/Results not available yet)unknown, unknown4/11/2014
ECHO Qualifier at Shooters in Midlothian, VA (47 games)Midlothian, VA4/25/2014
SGAA Dual Deck Arena ECHO Qualifier (67 games)Snellville, GA5/2/2014
Regional Qualifier at ISCA in North Arlington, NJ (Schedule/Results not available yet)unknown, unknown5/9/2014
Lone Star ECHO Qualifier (21 games)Denton, TX5/16/2014
The Skatium ECHO Qualifier (21 games)Ft. Myers, FL5/30/2014
ECHO Finals (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA6/18/2014
ECHO Finals Ages 12U-16U (78 games)Snellville, GA6/18/2014
ECHO Finals Ages 10U-Adult (101 games)Snellville, GA6/20/2014
ECHO Tournament at Winchester, VA Sportsplex (43 games)Winchester, VA8/23/2014
Fall Classic (20 games)Ft. Myers, FL10/3/2014
Warrenton, VA ECHO Qualifier (25 games)Warrento, VA11/8/2014
Jellybeans of Cary Elementary League-JV Division (15 games)Raleigh, NC11/17/2014
SGAA Adult Only Tournament (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA11/22/2014
Jellybeans of Cary Elementary League-Varsity Division (21 games)Raleigh, NC11/23/2014
ECHO Adult Only Invitational (22 games)Lake Worth, FL12/6/2014
4th Annual Winter Classic (63 games)Mount Pleasant, PA1/2/2015
Florida Cup Adult Travel League Qualifier (17 games)Lake Worth, FL1/10/2015
SGAA Mini Tourney (15 games)Snellville, GA1/24/2015
ECHO Season Opening Jamboree at the SGAA (57 games)Snellville, GA3/7/2015
ECHO Qualifier at Shooters in Midlothian, VA (41 games)Midlothian, VA3/13/2015
ECHO Qualifier at Kedron Park in PeachTree City (51 games)Peachtree City, GA3/27/2015
ECHO Qualifier at BladeRunners in Harmarville, PA (64 games)unknown, unknown4/10/2015
Center Ice/BladeRunners Qualifier (9 games)unknown, unknown4/11/2015
ECHO Qualifier at The Sportsplex in Winchester, VA (41 games)Winchester, VA4/24/2015
Jellybeans of Wakefield 12-16 Spring 2015 League (21 games)Raleigh, NC4/30/2015
Jellybeans of Wakefield 8-11 Year Old Division Spring of 2015 (10 games)Raleigh, NC4/30/2015
ECHO Qualifier at the SGAA Dual Decks Arena in Snellville, Ga (73 games)Snellville, GA5/1/2015
Pinehurst Invitational (13 games)Pinehurst, NC5/9/2015
ECHO Qualifier at Lone Star in Denton, Tx (Schedule/Results not available yet)Denton, TX5/15/2015
ECHO Qualifier in Charlotte at Breakaway Sports (26 games)Charlotte, NC5/29/2015
ECHO Qualifier at the Skatium in Ft. Myers, Fl (28 games)Ft. Myers, FL6/5/2015
ECHO Finals at The SGAA in Snellville, GA 12U, 14U Silver, 16U, 18U (98 games)unknown, unknown6/17/2015
ECHO Finals at The SGAA in Snellville, GA 8U, 10U, 14U Gold Adults (86 games)unknown, unknown6/19/2015
Winchester Summer Classic (27 games)Winchester, VA8/14/2015
Palm Beach SkateZone Summer Classic (21 games)Lake Worth, FL8/29/2015
Jellybeans of Wakefield Fall Lague for Ages 7-10 (16 games)Raleigh, NC9/3/2015
Jellybeans of Wakefield FallLeague for Ages 11-16 (17 games)Raleigh, NC9/3/2015
Fall Classic at Houston Indoor Sports (21 games)unknown, unknown9/12/2015
Fall Classic (34 games)Ft. Myers, FL9/25/2015
Union Hill Park Fall Classic (21 games)unknown, unknown10/24/2015
Fall Classic at Body Renew and Fitness in Wichester, VA (35 games)Winchester, VA11/13/2015
Jupiter, Fl Winter Classic (37 games)Jupiter, FL12/19/2015
Winter Classic at HotShots (55 games)Mount Pleasant, PA1/1/2016
12U Jellybeans of Wakefield 2016 Winter Season (20 games)Raleigh, NC1/21/2016
2016 Elementary School League at Jellybeans of Cary (21 games)Raleigh, NC1/21/2016
Travel Lite Qualifier at the SGAA (36 games)Snellville, GA2/13/2016
Charlotte Adult Only Tournament at Breakaway Sports (13 games)Charlotte, NC2/20/2016
ECHO Qualifier at Shooters in Midlothian, VA (41 games)Midlothian, VA3/4/2016
Travel Lite Qualifier at Pinckneyville Park (35 games)Norcross, GA3/12/2016
Season Opening Qualifier Event (79 games)Snellville, GA3/19/2016
Jellybeans of Cary Adult Silver Spring League (35 games)Raleigh, NC3/29/2016
ECHO Qualifier at The Skatium in Ft. Myers, Fl (37 games)Ft. Myers, FL4/1/2016
Travel Lite Finals at the SGAA (50 games)Snellville, GA4/23/2016
SGAA Qualifier in Snellville, GA (66 games)Snellville, GA4/30/2016
Qualifier at XL Sports World (61 games)Raleigh, NC5/7/2016
Qualifier at Buffalo River Works (Schedule/Results not available yet)Buffalo, NY5/14/2016
Texas Qualifier in Arlington, TX (26 games)Arlington, TX5/20/2016
BladeRunners Qualifier in Harmarville, PA (Schedule/Results not available yet)Pittsburgh, PA6/3/2016
ECHO Finals: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, Adults (72 games)Snellville, GA6/10/2016
ECHO Finals: 14U, 16U, 18U, 21U (51 games)Snellville, GA6/17/2016
Jellybeans of Cary Adult Bronze Summer League (35 games)Raleigh, NC7/11/2016
Jellybeans of Cary Adult Silver League Summer 2016 (35 games)Raleigh, NC7/12/2016
Summer Classic at Body Renew and Fitness (47 games)Winchester, VA8/12/2016
Fall Classic at The Skatium (18 games)Ft. Myers, FL9/16/2016
Division 2 Fall 2016 Thursday Night schedule (35 games)Apex, NC9/29/2016
Jellybeans of Cary Fall Division 3 Monday Night League (35 games)Apex, NC10/3/2016
Jellybeans of Cary Tuesday Fall Division 1 League (35 games)Apex, NC10/4/2016
Jellybeans Youth Fall 2016 League (14 games)Apex, NC10/9/2016
Fall Classic in Pinehurst, NC (9 games)Pinehurst, NC11/12/2016
ECHO Jupiter Classic (46 games)Jupiter, FL12/3/2016
2017 Winter Classic at HotShots Arena (55 games)Mount Pleasant, PA1/6/2017
ECHO Hockey Pond Hockey Tournament (Schedule/Results not available yet)Lake Worth, FL1/14/2017
Palm Beach SkateZone Invitational (23 games)Lake Worth, FL1/14/2017
ESHL Winter League 2017 (24 games)Raleigh, NC2/12/2017
Travel Lite Qualifier in McDonough, GA (44 games)McDonough, GA3/10/2017
Regional Qualifier at the SGAA (73 games)Snellville, GA3/17/2017
Regional Qualifier in Winchester, VA (Schedule/Results not available yet)Winchester, VA3/24/2017
Jellybeans of cary 2017 Spring Monday Night Division 3 (35 games)Apex, NC3/27/2017
Jellybeans of Cary Spring 2017 Division 1 tuesday Night League (29 games)Apex, NC3/28/2017
Jellybeans of Cary 2017 Spring Thursday Night Division 2 League (35 games)Apex, NC3/28/2017
Regional Qualifier at The Skatium (51 games)Ft. Myers, FL3/31/2017
Pinehurst (10 games)Pinehurst, NC4/22/2017
Shooters Qualifier in Midlothian (50 games)Midlothian, VA4/28/2017
Travel Lite Finals (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA5/5/2017
Tallahasse Classic (Schedule/Results not available yet)Tallahassee, FL5/13/2017
ECHO Finals 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA6/9/2017
ECHO Finals 16U, 18U, 21U, Adults (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA6/16/2017
ECHO Finals-Travel Lite Divisions-8U, 10U, 12U, 14U (Schedule/Results not available yet)Snellville, GA6/16/2017
ECHO Invitational (Schedule/Results not available yet)Mount Pleasant, PA6/23/2017
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