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Time of Match and timeouts. (Clarification). A game shall consist of two 15 minute running time periods. If the score is within two goals, or tied, stop time shall be played during the last two minutes of play.

A one-minute rest period shall be permitted between halves, after which the teams shall change ends. One time out shall be permitted for all games including Round Robin Games. Each team shall be entitled to take one timeout of one-minute duration during the playoffs.

ECHO uses on time starts. However, if the two teams are ready to play, a game may start early if both coaches agree to start early.

Overtime: In Round Robin Games: 3 v 3 minute OT. If the score is still tied, then the game ends in a tie. Each team is awarded 1 point. If a team scores during OT, the winning team gets 2 points and the OT losing team is given 1 point.

Overtime in playoffs:  3 v 3 for 3 minutes for quarterfinal and semi final games. If the score is still tied then a 3 player shootout follows.

During a Finals Games, Overtime is 3 v 3 until someone scores. The clock will start with 15 minutes during a Finals during overtime. 

ECHO institutes the 4 penalty  rule.

4 penalties in one game is a game expulsion for that game only.


 Tie Breakers for seeding purposes:

Head To Head, if there is a two team tie for points.

Goal Differential, if there is more than a two way tie for points.

Coin Flip


Age determination is 12/31/2022


Players must play with the team in Finals that they qualified with during Regional Qualifiers, if that team is playing in the Finals.  If the team iis not playing in ECHO Finals, he/she can play on another team. 


Forfeited games will be counted as a 4-0 win. 


Players must play in atleast one Round Robin Game in order to play in the playoffs.  Players must be on the roster prior to the 2nd Round Robin Game.    

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