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Regional Qualifier at the SGAA
March 17–March 19, 2017
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Saturday, March 18, 2017
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
110U8:00 AMTour Junior Glads White 6 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
210U8:00 AMTour Junior Glads Red 4 Atlanta BulldogsBlue
38U8:40 AMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 Puckasorus PredatorsWhite
414U8:40 AMTour Junior Glads White 8 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
510U9:20 AMTour Junior Glads White 9 Atlanta BulldogsWhite
610U9:20 AMTour Lizard Kings 4 Gwinnett ThunderOT Blue
714U10:00 AMTour Junior Glads White 5 PTC WarriorsWhite
814U10:00 AMSkating Dead 8 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
98U10:40 AMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 Atlanta Bulldogs WhiteWhite
1012U10:40 AMTour Junior Glads Red 5 Tour Junior Glads WhiteBlue
1110U11:20 AMTour Jumior Glads Red 5 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
1210U11:20 AMAtlanta Bulldogs 6 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
1312U12:00 PMAtlanta Bulldogs 3 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
1414U12:00 PMSkating Dead 4 Tour Junior Glads WhiteBlue
1514U12:40 PMPTC Warriors 6 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
168U12:40 PMAtlanta Bulldogs White 5 Puckasorus PredatorsBlue
1710U1:20 PMTour Lizard Kings 8 Atlanta BulldogsWhite
1810U1:20 PMTour Junior Glads Red 7 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
1912U2:00 PMTour Junior Glads 06 8 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
2014U2:00 PMPTC Warriors 7 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
2112U2:40 PMTour Junior Glads Red 8 Atlanta BulldogsWhite
2216U2:40 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 White WuffsBlue
2310U3:20 PMTour Junior Glads Red 8 Tour Junior Glads WhiteWhite
2414U3:20 PMTour Lizard Kings 8 Gwinnett ThunderBlue
258U4:00 PMChill Lizards 8 Atlanta Bulldogs RedWhite
2612U4:00 PMTour Junior Glads White 4 Tour Lizard KingsOT Blue
2716U4:40 PMTN Labeda Outlaws 8 White WuffsWhite
2812U4:40 PMTour Junior Glads 06 4 Atlanta BulldogsOT Blue
298U5:20 PMChill Lizards 8 Atlanta Bulldogs WhiteWhite
3014U5:20 PMTour Lizard Kings 7 Skating DeadBlue
3112U6:00 PMTour Junior Glads Red 4 Tour Lizard KingsOT White
3216U6:00 PMGwinnett Thunder 7 Atlanta Bulldogs RedBlue
3312U6:40 PMTour Junior Glads White 10 Tour Junior Glads 06White
34Adult6:40 PMFlorida Ghostriders 4 Atlanta BulldogsBlue
3516U7:20 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Black 2 Atlanta Bulldogs WhiteWhite
36Adult7:20 PMAtlanta Swarm 6 Ticos TacosBlue
3716U8:00 PMTN Labeda Outlaws 4 Gwinnett ThunderWhite
38Adult8:00 PMSave The Ta Tas 7 Florida GhostridersBlue
3916U8:40 PMAtlanta Bulldogs White 6 White WuffsWhite
40Adult8:40 PMTicos Tacos 8 Atlanta BulldogsOT Blue
4116U9:20 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Black 5 TN Labeda OutlawsWhite
42Adult9:20 PMAtlanta Swarm 5 Save The Ta TasBlue
4316U10:00 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 Atlanta Bulldogs WhiteWhite
44Adult10:00 PMFlorida Ghostriders 7 Ticos TacosBlue
45Adult10:40 PMSave The Ta Tas 9 Atlanta BulldogsWhite
Sunday, March 19, 2017
Home TeamHome
Guest TeamGuest
468U8:00 AMPuckasorus Predators 4 Chill LizardsWhite
4710U8:00 AMGwinnett Thunder 7 Tour Junior Glads WhiteBlue
4812U8:40 AMAtlanta Bulldogs 8 Tour Junior Glads WhiteWhite
4914U8:40 AMTour Junior Glads White 4 Tour Lizard KingsOT Blue
5012U9:20 AMTour Junior Glads Red 4 Tour Junior Glads 06White
518U Silver Final9:20 AMPuckasorus Predators 4 Chill LizardsBlue
5214U10:00 AMSkating Dead 7 PTC WarriorsWhite
538U Gold Final10:00 AMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 Atlanta Bulldogs WhiteBlue
5410U Semi10:40 AMTour Junior Glads White 8 Gwinnett ThunderWhite
5510U Semi10:40 AMTour Lizard Kings 5 Tour Junior Glads RedBlue
5614U Semi11:20 AMSkating Dead 9 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
5714U Semi11:20 AMTour Junior Glads White 3 PTC WarriorsBlue
58Adult12:00 PMAtlanta Swarm 5 Florida GhostridersWhite
59Adult12:00 PMSave The Ta Tas 3 Ticos TacosBlue
6012U Semi12:40 PMTour Junior Glads White 9 Tour Junior Glads 06White
6112U Semi12:40 PMTour Junior Glads Red 4 Tour Lizard KingsBlue
6214U Final1:20 PMSkating Dead 4 Tour Junior Glads WhiteOT White
6316U1:20 PMGwinnett Thunder 8 Atlanta Bulldogs BlackBlue
6410U Final2:00 PMTour Junior Glads White 5 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
65Adult2:00 PMAtlanta Swarm 6 Atlanta BulldogsBlue
6612U Final2:40 PMTour Junior Glads White 5 Tour Lizard KingsWhite
6716U Gold Semi2:40 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Black 6 White WuffsBlue
68Adult Semi3:20 PMFlorida Ghostriders 5 Ticos TacosWhite
69Adult Semi3:20 PMAtlanta Swarm 5 Atlanta BulldogsBlue
7016U Silver Semi4:00 PMAtlanta Bulldogs White 3 Gwinnett ThunderOT White
7116U Gold Final4:00 PMAtlanta Bulldogs Red 9 Atlanta Bulldogs BlackBlue
72Adult Final4:40 PMFlorida Ghostriders 7 Atlanta BulldogsBlue
7316U Silver Final5:20 PMTN Labeda Outlaws   Gwinnett ThunderBlue
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